"Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good

works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven." Matthew 5:16

SHINE Directions & Contact Info

Direction to Northside Baptist:

SHINE Tutorial meets on Tuesdays throughout the school year at Northside Baptist Church, 127 Theta Pike, Columbia, TN 38401. The church location is behind the Northway Shopping Center on Columbia Pike (Hwy 31) in Columbia. Our partner church website is Northside Baptist Church.

SHINE Contact Info

For general information & questions, email the SHINE team at shinetutorialtn@gmail.com.

We'll do our best to respond back as soon as possible.

SHINE Leadership Team

Name - Role
Dayna Hudgin - Administrator shinetutorialtn@gmail.com

Julia Yates - Finance

Chris Fry - Registrar cfry@comcast.net

Teacher Contact Info

Teacher Subject Email Phone
Nicole Bull Pre-Alg, Trig-PC, Geometry nabull@bellsouth.net 931-334-6270 
Janet Gluck Bio, Am Lit, LAIII janet@gluck.cc 615-638-6278
Leonard Gluck Gen Sci, phys sci, Art Form/Design len@gluck.cc 615-638-6076
Mike Hudson Archery mike@hlazyharchery.com 615-372-4179
Mary Bea Johnson Theater songbea@yahoo.com 615-364-2213
Sally Longacre Art I&II, HPE, WHx/Geo slongacreshine@yahoo.com 615-480-2563
Julie Martin Math Fund, Algebra I&II, Cons. M mathteachermama@gmail.com 931-374-7411
Nathan Melton Karate nlm3lt@gmail.com 931-215-1420
Tara Melton Chemistry, Physics, ASFRL  jtmelt@mac.com 931-626-2920 
Carol Schmid LAI, LAII, MH
Tracy Vazquez Am. Hist. Adv. W, Comm,Psych vazquezhomeschool@gmail.com 757-277-8872
Terri Willoughby Tech Writing philter@charter.net 615-525-5375